Winter Update - Storm Barra & Weather Watch from Sheffield City Council

06 December 2021

Storm Barra is working its way across the country, with some heavy rain, sleet and icy conditions in the forecast for Sheffield. Be prepared for wintry weather by locating your nearest grit bin, checking out our priority gritting routes and checking the latest forecast before you travel. When adverse weather strikes remember to only make essential journeys and drive according to the conditions. We cannot guarantee that treated roads will be free of ice. 

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During times of extremely cold weather Sheffield City Council activate 'Weather Watch' - their severe weather emergency protocol.  Overnight accommodation is offered to anyone, including those with no recourse to public funds or no local connection, who would be sleeping rough during times of extremely cold weather.

If you need to contact them about Weather Watch, phone Housing Solutions on 0114 2736306 on weekdays, or 0800 7311 689 during evenings and weekends, or phone Sheffield’s Street Outreach Team on 0800 066 5358.

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