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You can report a repair, and view the status of repairs at your home by clicking the button above and logging in.

As a landlord, there are lots of repairs in the homes we own that we’re responsible for. It is important that our residents also know what kinds of repairs they’ll have to do themselves. We complete repairs to the structure, plumbing, electrics of the property and also any paving, paths and fences if they aren’t safe. Our residents decorate their own homes and replace fittings, like battery smoke alarms, light bulbs and internal doors.

If our residents ask us to carry out a repair that they should do, we will ask them to pay the cost that we are charged by the contractor. For more information on recharges please visit our Recharges page.

Who does what can seem a bit confusing. Here’s a table to show what we do, what our residents' have to do and a bit of advice about how to do them.


What we do

When our residents do it

How you can fix it yourself




When drains or pipes are blocked or damaged because there are things down it that shouldn’t be there, like cooking fat, food, other items

Use unblocking agent and a plunger.


Bathroom sinks / basins



Extractor fans/ ventilation systems

When broken or damaged because they haven’t been used properly or if the problem is with the showerhead, shower kit, toilet seat, bathroom fittings (like towel rails, toilet roll holders, plugs and chains).


Visit a hardware store (like Wilkos or B&Q) for a new fitting.

Our residents should make sure that extractor fans are kept clean and clear of dust and muck.

Boilers/ Water heaters

Fireplaces/ fitted fires


If the radiator needs to be blead (you can tell that the radiator needs bleeding if the radiator cold at the top and hot at the bottom)


No power in the property because of a problem with the wiring.

When this problem is caused by one of their own appliances (like their kettle or toaster) or when it is caused by electrical work they have done themselves.

Most of our residents are also responsible for their own telephone points and TV aerials

Unplug everything from the sockets and check the fuse board to make sure all switches are facing upwards.

Window Sills/Frames

External Doors/Frames

Kitchen Units

Damp caused by the structure of the property

If these things have been broken or damaged by the resident or their visitors.

Our residents also repair internal (inside) doors and locks on windows and external doors (for example the front and back door).

All decorating inside the home should be done by our resident.

If your door has been damaged by criminal activity please call the police and take a note of your crime reference number before letting us know about it.

Unsafe paths and paving

Fallen down or unsafe fences

Outside walls

If these things have been broken or damaged by the resident their visitors.

Our residents should do any repairs to sheds and keep their garden tidy.

Any infestations of pests or animals, or problems with bins, should be dealt with by our residents.

Visit your local hardware store.

Your local council’s Environmental Services department might be able to help you with infestations of pest or animals or any problems with bins

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