Antisocial behaviour


You can report antisocial behaviour in your area by following this link


We are committed to trying to resolve problems of anti-social behaviour (ASB) and to make sure that residents can enjoy their homes in peace. We develop our strategies for dealing with ASB in line with current best practice. If you are affected by ASB these are the standards of service you can expect from us. 


  • If you telephone us to report a complaint of ASB our staff will take details from you straight away
  • We will log all complaints we receive on our internal computer system
  • We will send you a letter acknowledging the complaint within 2 working days or 24 hours in very serious cases
  • We will let you know the name of the person dealing with your case 

Complainant = The person making a complaint, sometimes called the victim

Perpetrator = The person who is accused of causing the ASB


Contacting the complainants:-

  • Once we've received a report, an officer will arrange an appointment  to talk about the complaint in line with the following timescales:
    • Serious cases such as hate crimes or physical assault – within 24 hours
    • All other reports of ASB – Within 10 working days
  • We will keep the identity of victims/witnesses confidential when requested
  • If we think it will be easy for a perpetrator to work out who is complaining about them, we will make sure that the victim is aware of this
  • We will agree an action plan on how we will deal with the problem with the complainant 

Contacting the alleged perpetrator: -

If the victim agrees that we can do so, an interview with the perpetrator will be made as soon as possible after the first meeting with the complainant. This meeting is to:-

  • To get the perpetrator’s side of the story
  • Let the perpetrator know what parts of their tenancy agreement they are breaking
  • Reach an agreement about how they should behave in the future
  • See whether the perpetrator is vulnerable and if they need any support 

Reviewing the case

After the initial interviews and throughout, we will regularly review the case and let you know how things are progressing.  

Further evidence

As well as speaking to the complainant and the alleged perpetrator, we will look to speak to anybody that has witnessed the incident as well as looking at any other evidence such as photographs, videos, information from the Police or noise monitoring equipment. 

Legal Action

  • In some more serious or persistent cases, we may consider taking legal action to solve the problem. We will consider the full range of legal remedies available to us and choose the one that we feel is most likely to make sure that the ASB stops
  • We will talk to you about any legal action we are thinking about taking and only go through with it if you agree that we should 

Witness Support

  • If you appear as a witness in any legal action we will take steps to protect your safety
  • We will arrange for you to visit the court before the hearing, if you wish and will explain what will happen if you are a witness
  • We will arrange for transport for you to and from the court hearing or pay your travel expenses
  • We will make sure that you have someone with you at all times in court
  • If appropriate we will ask the court to set aside a room for your use while waiting for the hearing to start 

Closing Cases

Any complaints of ASB will be closed when: -

  • The complainant asks that the case be closed
  • Reports of ASB cannot be proved after thorough investigations
  • The case has been successfully resolved through our intervention 

We will always explain to a complainant the reasons why a case is being closed. 

When closing a case we will also always write to advise the alleged perpetrator.

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