Applying for an Arches home

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Applying for an Arches home

Welcome to Arches Housing - we're really excited that you're considering joining us!

We do not have our own waiting list for empty properties.

Instead, most of our homes are let through the local authorities in Sheffield and Rotherham. To apply for one of our homes, you will need to join your local council's housing list.

Choice-based letting scheme applications

Sheffield and Rotherham councils use a choice-based letting (CBL) scheme which lets you tell your council which properties you're interested in. Both schemes use an 'open register', meaning anyone over the age of 16 can use the service.

Join the Sheffield and Rotherham choice-based letting schemes here:

You can bid on our properties through the choice-based letting schemes or you may be nominated for a property by your local council based on your needs.

When we are looking at a nomination from a council, we have lots of things to think about such as how to make best use of the home and how we can make the community as sustainable as we can, so we might not always necessarily offer a property to the nominee with the highest priority. 

For a list of our available homes, please click here.

Shared ownership

To find out more about shared ownership, please click here.


Contact your local authority

Sheffield City Council

Tel: 0114 273 4567
Sheffield Property Shop

Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council

Tel: 01709 382121
Rotherham Key Choices