Our lettings promise


Our promise to you

Your home will be weatherproof and will have both electrical and gas safety checks. All essential repairs will be completed before you move in; although some less important repairs may be completed with your agreement once you have moved in.

It will be clean and be ready for you to add your own decoration with an effective heating system and with a bathroom and kitchen that work. 

What we expect from you

When you move into your new home we expect you to look after it. This means keeping it clean, well decorated, reporting repairs and allowing us to carry out safety inspections 

The details 


☑ Kitchen units, work surfaces, bathroom fittings, cupboards, doors/frames, window sills, skirting boards, fire surrounds, radiators, walls, tiles, floors, sockets, switches and the inside of windows will be clean

☑ All former tenant’s belongings and any rubbish to be removed from the whole property including the loft space, cellar, gardens and shed 

Health and safety

☑ We will carry out gas and electrical safety checks

☑ Your home will have a working and safe form of heating

☑ Wiring, fuse-board, sockets, switches and light fittings will be in working order

☑ At least one battery operated smoke alarm will be provided

☑ A light bulb will be left in all ceiling fittings 


☑ Decoration will be free from graffiti 

Walls and ceilings

☑ All walls and ceilings will have no major cracks or loose plaster and in suitable for preparation and redecoration

☑ Polystyrene tiles will be removed

☑ Woodwork will be not have significant damage 


☑ Floor surfaces will be safe

☑ Floor coverings will be removed unless they are of a good standard

☑ Internal staircases will be safe and secure, a handrail will be in place 


☑ All bathroom and toilet fittings will be in working order

☑ Sealant around the bath and sink will be clean and in good condition

☑ Tiling and grouting will be clean and defect free

☑ An extractor fan will be fitted where one is not fitted

☑ Any cracks in porcelain will be checked so they are not able to hurt anyone 


☑ Every property will have either a gas or electric cooker supply

☑ If your preferred cooking method differs from the one provided, it is your responsibility to arrange an alternative supply

☑ We will fit plumbing and an electrical socket for an automatic washing machine

☑ Taps and stop taps will be in working order

☑ Wall tiling will be clean, waterproof, not loose or cracked

☑ Sealant around sinks and worktops will be clean and in good condition

☑ There will be a minimum of two power sockets

☑ All units, worktops and sink will be functional

☑ An extractor fan will be fitted where one is not already fitted 

Roof and gutters

☑ Gutters and rainwater pipes will be free flowing

☑ Roofs will be in a safe and watertight condition 


☑ Glazing will be free of cracks and breaks

☑ All windows will be easy to open and close 


☑ Internal doors will open and close with secure hinges and catches

☑ Locks to entrance doors will be changed

☑ External doors will be secure and watertight 


☑ Where in place grass will be cut and excessively large shrubs will be cut back to a reasonable level

☑ Sheds which are in a safe condition will be kept and gifted to the new tenant. Those in poor condition will be removed

☑ Outhouses where they exist will be left in a safe condition

☑ Boundary walls, fences and gates will be left in a safe condition

☑ Brickwork will be free from graffiti

☑ A facility to dry clothes will be provided

☑ Your home will be numbered

☑ A facility to receive post will be provided