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Arches is pleased to announce that we recently purchased 4 more homes in Chesterfield, on Barratt’s The Spire development. These homes are our first handovers on this development. The brand new homes a mix of 2 and 3 bed homes have been let based on affordable rent, with some families moving in the next day.  

Looking ahead across the Barratt and David Wilson developments on the overall site, we are due to buy a further 24 homes, some for affordable rent and some for shared ownership. The next handovers are due in May 2024.


Arches continues to invest in growing as an organisation, whilst investing in our existing properties.

Acquiring more high quality homes in our operating area is one of Arches five key priorities and fulfils our role as a registered provider to ensure more affordable homes are available across our region.

12/04/2024 09:00