Arches is committed to maintaining a high performance standard and improving any areas we can.

We know it's really important to our residents that we're offering you the best services we possibly can. 

In order to manage our performance, we set ourselves specific targets and measure ourselves against them. This helps us to understand how well we're doing and where we need to improve.

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Our performance for Quarter 4 - January 2022 to March 2022





Number of tenancies ended in the last year, as a percentage of all the homes we manage



Total amount of rent arrears owed to us, as a percentage of the total amount of rent we charge per year



Percentage of day-to-day repairs completed on time



Percentage of upheld complaints that have led to a change in how services are delivered to our customers




Learning from complaints

Your complaints are important because they have shown us where we need to improve to make sure we are giving our tenants good value for money.

As a result of complaints received this year we have made these changes to improve our services:

  • Our Customer Services team now review calls to make sure we are asking the right questions, to get the right information, so that customers get the right advice and assistance first time.
  • We have retrained staff so that we are diagnosing repairs well, and taking accurate information so that our contractors are able to complete repairs first time.
  • We have increased the number of repairs we check to make sure our contractors are doing what is expected, and to a quality that meets our service standards.

Meeting the Arches Standards

The Arches Standards are standards that we have created ourselves, co-designed with our customers. They go above and beyond what's required of us by the regulator. These standards are what our customers can hold us to - and how we judge ourselves.

Arches Home Standard

The Arches Home Standard is a set of quality standards for our properties. It covers things like bathroom and kitchen replacements, double glazing and safety testing. 

Arches Service Standard

The Arches Service Standard defines what you can expect from our services. They've been written in conjunction with our tenants as a result of the 2019 Big Conversation, and are due to be launched later in 2021.

Value for money

You can find out how we performed against our value for money goals here.



We're hitting our target
We're within 5% of our target
  We're not meeting our target