About us About us

Here at Arches we do things differently.

We're all about keeping it simple, doing the right thing, and continuously improving to provide the best service for our customers.

Our values are a common language and behaviours that we all subscribe to.

We think this is fundamental to how we do what we do, and how we work together to achieve great things.


Our Vision
Our vision is to contribute to the wellbeing of our tenants, by providing safe, secure, and warm homes that meet their needs.

Our shared values

Steel | Choosing to do the right thing over the easy thing; being determined to see things through and staying true to our roots.

Momentum | Being responsive to people and opportunities; generating solutions swiftly as a consequence of having the trust and freedom to take decisions.

Simplicity | Sticking to what actually matters; to make it easier to do a good job and achieve positive outcomes.

Connections | Recognising that we can achieve more with others than alone; building honest and supportive relationships inside Arches and beyond.

Individuality | Appreciating the life experience, skills and insights of others; listening with empathy, seeking to dignify everyone involved.

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