Building Safety Building Safety

If you live in a block with communal areas Arches will complete  

  • Monthly Communal area inspections check your communal areas for risks that may cause a fire or block your escape in a fire.
  • Every 3 Months We check communal fire alarm systems including smoke detectors, and emergency lighting to ensure it is all working correctly.
  • Every 6 Months  We will complete Fire door inspections to your flat entrance and communal area fire doors looking for damage and faults.
  • Yearly An independent fire risk assessment is completed examining the building and looking for potential risks that may cause a fire. 
  • 5 Yearly We'll check your communal area's Electrical, wiring switches, light fittings, and sockets to ensure they are safe and complete a report. 
  • 5 Yearly An independent Compartmentation Surveys Report is completed looking at fire stopping, status check of compartmentation, and effectiveness of seals and walls to protect against fire spread.
  • Carry out personal exit and evacuation plans for residents.
  • Install and maintain the Gerda Box, update the register with details of who need to support to evacuate the building or have oxygen in their home in the event of a fire.
  • Use newsletters, annual resident meetings, e-mail, website, and block noticeboards to share building and fire safety information and messages.
  • Make sure all new residents are made aware of our obligations.
  • Publish on our Web site and make available on request the Fire Risk Assessment, Gas safety report, Electrical test report ,Water hygiene risk assesment,
  • Promote building and fire safety awareness to all residents.
  • Display Fire Action Notices in the communal areas of the building to provide signage and exit guidance and the building Fire Action Plan.
  • Provide residents with building safety information inline with legislation and regulation.

Tenants Commitments

  • Provide access to your home to Arches Housing (or its representative) to undertake inspections, maintenance, servicing in respect of Building and Fire Safety.
  • Do not store items in corridors and communal area; keep clear, clutter free and dispose of rubbish using the facilities provided.
  • Report building and fire safety concerns/repairs, water leaks, loose paving slabs, loose nosing on steps, damaged cladding and/or damaged fire doors.
  • Not act in a manner that will increase risks to either the building or anyone visiting the building.
  • Inform Arches Housing of any medical condition that may mean support is required in the event of an evacuation or if oxygen cylinders are kept in the home.
  • Not store or charge mobility scooters in the communal areas.
  • Familiarise themselves with the Evacuation Strategy and Fire action notices and signage.
  • Be aware of the exit points in the building.
  • No Smoking or Vaping in communal areas. When in your home extinguish cigarettes responsibly.
  • Push test smoke alarms within your individual dwelling monthly and report any concerns or failures to Arches Housing.
  • Keep fire doors closed and do not "prop" open or tamper with door closers.
  • Do not alter the structure or carry out any improvement, without requesting permission from Arches Housing.
  • Metal security gates at entrance doors to flats must not be fitted to you home.
  • Call 999 if you discover a fire and follow the Evacuation Strategy for your building.