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Chargeable works

We will charge you for works that are your responsibility. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Routine repairs that you are responsible for.
  • Repairs due to damage or misuse, whether accidental or deliberate.
  • Works to rectify vandalism damage where a resident or visitor admits causing the damage or is prosecuted by the Courts.
  • Bulk waste collection.
  • Works needed where you have not asked our permission to undertake alterations and we need to put things right.
  • Garden and property clearance when a tenancy ends.
  • Clearing, cleaning and repairing a dirty or verminous property as a result of tenant negligence.

How we charge for the repairs

When you report a repair to us, we’ll let you know who’s responsible wherever possible – you or us in line with your tenancy agreement. If it’s something you’re responsible for and not an emergency, you’ll need to complete the work yourself.

You may carry out the work yourself or pay a suitably qualified person. These are subject to quality checks and we may charge you if the work carried out is not to the required standard and we incur a cost to rectify this.

You can ask us to carry out the work on your behalf. We will only perform works for tenants with a clear rent account or who can evidence a pattern of making regular payments to us.

We may be able to offer you the option to spread the costs of the works through a payment plan. However, we will not allow you to spread the cost of works carried out on your behalf where you have a history of not adhering to repayment plans agreed with us. Under these circumstances, you will need to pay the full costs of the work in advance.

Our Chargeable Repairs Policy
You can find out more information about chargeable works in our chargeable repairs policy. Download it here.

If you have additional questions and need some more information, use this link to visit our Repairs page